Quilomene Upland Bird Vest

Complete Vest

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What’s Included:

– Quilomene Shell Pockets (8″x8″)
– Two Hydration Hose Clips
– Sternum Strap
– Lashing Straps

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Base Vest

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What’s Included:

– Hip Belt
– Shoulder Strap Assembly
– Bird Bag
– Sternum Strap

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Overview: Another vest that is best suited for all day hunting away from the truck; great for open or tighter cover

Common Uses: Carries large amount of gear and water, built specifically for water reservoir at top of back/shoulders; can also carry larger birds such as pheasant and larger Grouse species.

Quilomene has built a reputation on the functional simplicity of its Upland design and the quality of its materials and construction.

The Quilomene Upland works well in both open and tight, thicker country, especially with the Quilomene style pockets. It also has enough cargo space for a day-long hunt.

The main features are: 

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded hipbelt system with lumbar support for effective weight distribution and puts load on hips, frees upper body for unrestricted movement
  • Large hydration pocket -­‐ fits 50-70-100 oz. systems. Your hydration system slides into its own pocket which is 7.5″ width x 15″ length, and rests vertically between the shoulder blades. There are openings at the bottom of both sides of the pocket for the hose to exit. 
  • Cargo Capacity — There are nine pockets to carry all that you need for even your longest hunt:
    • Large capacity game bag (19W x 12″L),
    • Two cargo pockets on the back –
      • Upper 11″L x 7″W x 3.5″D with 2 ‘wallet sized’ pockets inside
      • Lower 7″L x 11″W x 4″D
    • One huge clothing pocket that encompasses the entire back of the vest and yet is not in the game bag,
    • Two shell pockets on the front (8″ width x 8″ length), and two 6.5″ width x 7.5″ length all-purpose pockets inside the birdbag.
  • Loops on shoulder straps for sternum strap (included) or to clip other gear
  • Lashing straps
  • Complete vest weight empty 2 lbs 10 oz
  • The Quilomene Upland Vest is made in the USA

This vest design is best described as simple and very functional!

The vests are hydration bladder ready (50 – 70 – or 100 oz.)