The difference between the Y-Back and H-Back vest is the torso adjustment on the back of the vest:

  • – Y-Back is by velcro
    – H-Back is by buckle and the straps come straight over shoulder

Overview: The San Carlos vests are great for half day hunts, so comfortable you hardly know you’re wearing a vest. Both the H-Back and Y-Back are great for open or tight, brushy country.

Common Uses: Less cargo space, easy to throw on for a short round.

Complete Vest

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What’s Included:

– Quilomene Shell Pockets (8″x8″)
– Two Hydration Hose Clips
– One D-Ring Clip (H-Back only)
– Sternum Strap
– Lashing Straps

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Base Vest

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What’s Included:

– Hip Belt
– Shoulder Strap Assembly
– Bird Bag
– Sternum Strap

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San Carlos Pro-Staff

Fritz Heller
Grouse Commander
Visit GC on: Enjoy this great grouse hunting video by Fritz Heller of Grouse Commander and utilizing the San Carlos upland vest: Grouse Brother’s 2015
Tim Kisieleski

Real life – manages a commercial glazing company outside of Boston.

After hours, Licensed New Hampshire guide.

Avid coverdog trailer; Honorary kennel boy at Wildapple Kennels and Guide service; Gear aficionado and a Quill user since 93!

Contact through :
Grouse Commander
New England Birddog Club
Woodcock Limited of New England
Tim Kisieleski