We only produce Quilomene Vests, Bird Belts and Q5 Primers once a year. All orders must be placed by May 1st and delivery is expected in the first part of July. 

What does this mean…..if you place an order that the vest states “Preorder” on April 28th 2021 you can expect it early July 2021. If you place that same order May 2nd 2021, we will not ship until July 2022. 

These orders are not open to cancellation without incurring a credit card processing fee that will not be refunded if the order is cancelled. These also may not be cancelled after April 30th as that is the last day to gather orders for production. 

There is a velcro strip on the inside of the flap that, when the pocket is unzipped, will attach to the strip inside the pocket. This will keep the flap out of the way when you may be into birds, have the pocket open, and are needing to quickly reach in the pocket for shells.

The velcro strip is also compatible for shell loops.

The Q5 Centerfire vest works best in open country and for long days out in the field. The Q5 Rimfire MeshBack works best in open country with the Q5 Shell Pockets.  The Q5 Rimfire SolidBack  works in open country as well, but is also adaptable to heavy brush and timber situations, when hunting woodcock or grouse for example, as long as the QUILOMENE Shell Pocket is used due to its smaller depth. The Quilomene Upland vest is best for heavier loads and longer days – works well in open or heavier brush country. The Quilomene San Carlos vests are better for lighter loads and shorter days – and also work well in open or heavier brush country.

Yes, that is one reason the hip belt (which is the same belt on both Q5 and Quilomene vests) is used. Please click here to see specific details.

Currently, the vests are only available online or by phone. We are committed to keeping the vests made in the USA and this is one way to avoid further distribution costs etc.

The Q5 Centerfire and/or Rimfire do have the options for women or children can use a “less than 36 inch” waist and will fit most individuals 5’4” to 6’+.  Please call for waist sizes less than 31”.

The Quilomene vests also have the option for a “less than 36 inch” belt, and will adjust to most individuals 5’4” to 6’+.  Please call for waist sizes less than 31”.

The difference is in how the torso adjustment is made:

The San Carlos Y-Back is adjusted by a single strap down the back with velcro and the shoulder straps are somewhat angled as they come over the shoulder.

The San Carlos H-back is adjusted by a double strap down the back with buckles.  The H-back shoulder straps will also come over the shoulders in a straight line, rather than angled as the Y-back does.

Otherwise, all other features are the same.

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