Q5 Upland Bird Hunting Belt


Complete Belt

hunting belt with bird pouch
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What’s Included:

– Q5 Shell Pockets (6″x8″) OR Quilomene Shell Pockets (8″x8″)
– Hip Belt
– Bird Bag

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Base Belt

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What’s Included:

– Hip Belt
– Bird Bag

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Overview: Short hunts; designed for those that don’t like straps!

Common Uses: Less cargo space, great for warm/hot weather

Belt is designed for light loads. Two large birds maximum. An example of large birds would be pheasant or grouse. 2 pheasant, or two Grouse maximum.
Extra D rings on the hip belt for those just like to use With the Magnum pocket, or Pockets attached this belt is excellent for bird dog training.
For those that want to go even lighter the bird belt can be removed, and the utility pouch attached in place of the bird bag. Looped bird carriers could be used in place of the bird bag.