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We have always worked to find ways to improve our service to our community of hunters. That’s why we recently partnered up with a powerful marketing and operations duo based in Washington and Arizona. They’re the same two guys who have successfully grown several of Heifer International’s US-based grant projects, so they’re no strangers to working for a good cause. With our expanded team we hope to make Q5 stronger than ever. We’re committed to bringing you the quality, friendliness and service you have come to expect from us.

Dan Priest

When you purchase Q5 and Quilomene upland hunting vests, you are helping a child experience camping and the great outdoors. A percentage of the proceeds go to Arizona Outdoor Adventures, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthy outdoor activities for underprivileged children. Go to for further information.

Q5 Outdoor Products . . .
about q5 and quilomeneHunting and walking the hills and mountains of the desert since 5 years of age adds up to a good number of years of experience with all kinds of hunting gear and equipment. With quail hunting being an all-time favorite, I’ve worn and “remodeled” many bird vests. One day in 2011, a thought crossed my mind like one I had 25 years ago while driving out of town to set up yet another hunting camp: On that day 25 years ago, I wondered how many children would never have the opportunities I had had to roam the hills and set up a tent camp in the beauty and quiet of nature, especially children who were growing up in the confines of the inner city and whose family did not have the resources or know-how to do that. So, on that day in 1997, our non-profit Arizona Outdoor Adventures began as a desire to see children, especially underprivileged children, have opportunities to camp in Arizona’s great outdoors and hear elk bugling, rain on a tent, the crackle of a campfire, and the innumerable noises of a forest – and especially to hear quiet – something that is unheard of in their environment.

So back to 2011: On that day I wondered how many hunters had worn and “remodeled” many vests in search of one that was comfortable while carrying a load, versatile, and adjustable . . . and why hadn’t I developed one to fit my needs better and maybe benefit other hunters, too . . AND why not use a percentage of the profits to support Arizona Outdoor Adventures to keep providing the outdoors to children! So, on that day in 2011, Q5 Outdoor Products began as a desire to provide high-quality upland bird vests with great customer service as well as continue to see children in the outdoors. And our adventure continues . . . a partnership that my wife, Joanne, and I are privileged to do together.

about q5 and quilomeneabout q5 and quilomene



Dan Priest Inducted Into Arizona’s Outdoor Hall of Fame

Scottsdale, AZAugust 2015

In the summer of 2015, Dan Priest was inducted into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame at the 18th annual Hall of Fame Banquet by Wildlife for Tomorrow. Inducted along side him, Senator John McCain, Audubon Arizona, Jim O’Haco, and John W. Harris. This award is highly esteemed and signifies outstanding contributions to Arizona’s wildlife resources. Watch the short video below highlighting Dan and his contributions over the years!

Video by Carol Lynde of the Arizona Game and Fish Department highlighting AOA

about q5 and quilomene

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