Please note:  When a “Less than 36” belt is ordered with one of the Quilomene style pockets, the separate water bottle holder and/or other accessories will not fit.  The Shell Pocket/Water Bottle Holder Combo Pocket will work on small belts.  Please call/email if there is any questions as to what is interchangeable with a “Less than 36” belt.

Q5 Centerfire Daypack – compatible the Q5 Centerfire vest and Q5 Rimfire.  It is not compatible with the Q5 Bird Belt or the Quilomene vests

Shell Pocket/Water Bottle Combination – works with Q5 vests and all Quilomene vests

Q5 Shell Pocket – works with all Quilomene vests

Electronics Pocket: 4 inch and 6 inch – works with Q5 vests and Quilomene vests

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