Zak Tayer

Zak Tayer has been a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service since 2006.  One of Zak’s main driving factors to making fire his trade of choice is the seasonal nature of it. As soon as fall rains and winter snows put fire season to bed; Zak is in the field. Zak and his small munsterlanders, Blitz and Angus, spend every winter touring the American west. A typical year will include hunts in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. When not travelling, Zak lives in a small town in Northeast Oregon called Joseph; where he can hunt the Snake, Grande Ronde, and Imnaha river drainages.

Between his passion for bird hunting and his duties at work; Zak spends well over 200 days a year with a pack on his back. His insight is a valuable addition to the Q5 Pro Staff.