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Mike Has 41 years of upland experience. Starting hunting upland birds at the age of 12 on Bobwhites in Oklahoma. Mike was hooked, since then has pursued many upland species in the U.S. including, Bobs in OK, TX, KS and NM, Pheasant in SD, KS and OK, Gambels in NM and AZ, scaled quail in TX, OK, NM and KS, Valley Quail in NV, Mearns in AZ, Prairie Chickens in NE, Chuckar in WY and NV, Huns in WY and SD. 

Along with all the upland species Mike has  pursued, he has also taken many waterfowl species, multiple big game hunts including Black Bear, Mule Deer and Whitetail. While not upland hunting Mike also enjoys predator hunting for coyotes and cats.