Mike Jones

Hi, I’m Mike Jones. I have been chasing upland birds since I was 12-years-old and that first Bobwhite flushed from the grasslands of Oklahoma. Now, 46 years, thousands of miles, multiple states, hundreds of flushes and countless faithful companions later, the only vest I trust my adventures with is my Q5 Centerfire.
As a retired Major from the Oklahoma Fire Department, I understand how imperative the right equipment can be. After 30 years on the job and 46 years bird hunting, that is no less true. As a hunter, my passion is American made 16 gauges in hand and a solid pointer ahead. On that note, I created Red Dirt Pointers, where I breed and train English Pointers.
Upland hunting is a life-long pursuit for me spanning multiple species. I have hunted 13 states and harvested the majority of the upland species found in the Continental United States. The Q5 Centerfire is the most complete vest system I have taken afield and I look forward to many more adventures ahead!
Please feel free to reach out to me with questions!
Happy Hunting!